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Electric Word plc Announces Acquisition Of
ikonami Ltd

ikonami’s ‘AT-’ product suite acquired by Electric Word Plc, the products developed and supported by ikonami were at the heart of the acquisition by a fast growing Publishing firm. The sale saw the acquisition of the AT-product suite whilst the ikonami brand was retained by the founder and CEO Kubair Shirazee. ‘…it is about knowing when to let go of your products to a more experienced team that can take their growth and penetration to the next level. We shall continue to support, maintain and develop the products for the acquirer thereby ensuring the end users and clients get the same awesome level of support and responsiveness they are used to. This acquisition gives us the opportunity to focus on a new niche and bring some more innovative and ground breaking products to market.’ added Kubair Shirazee upon completion of the acquisition by Electric Word Plc.

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