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A Difference

We enhance in-house IT teams by providing specialists on demand, at economies better than that of hiring additional full-time in-house resources and training them to awesome standards.

  • By DNA we are productpreneurs with unwavering focus on innovation, quality and lightening turn around. All the characteristics our resources bring to the team they work in;your ability to quickly release new products and features to market will be exponentially enhanced. We have a proven track record of building purposeful applications that end users love.

    Whether you need Drupal 7 developers, WordPress experts or Mobile developers for iOS / Android apps, our proven expertise will help you augment your internal teams with the needed capability and capacity. 

    Whether you are looking for a tech partner to build your idea in to a product or on-demand capacity and capability to scale your operations, you will find us refreshingly different. Drop us a line or lets meet up for a coffee and discuss your goals and how we can facilitate you in your journey.